Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal systems use the heat from Sun's rays to heat water.  These are used for domestic, institutional and Industrial water heating purposes.
Ideal for homes - You can save on electricity and be comfortable bathing using Natures own renewable source of energy.
Domestic systems are available from 100 litres to 1000 litres.

Solar PV - Photo-voltaic

Photo-voltaic technology uses Sun's light to generate electricity.  This is in the form of DC voltage which is used to charge a battery or set of batteries.
The Batteries can be used directly to power small DC lighting systems like remote sheds or a fence.
Most of the time the DC energy from the battery is converted to traditional AC just like the one we get from our Electricity board.
Systems can be small for just a few lights or can be large enough to power the complete lighting load and fans of a house.